Rolling Up For The Win

So the season is heading for the final straight, and after lapping the pistes and trails of Verbier for four months, aches and pains are commonplace. Whilst most of us know that stretching prior to exercise and a hot bath afterwards is great for recovery, many people do not utilise a simple method of alleviating muscle pain and that is to ‘roll it out’.



Foam rollers can be purchased from most good sports shops, however you can make one yourself. Simply take a towel, fold it up into a small rectangle, then roll it up tightly. Bind it firmly with rubber bands and voila, a home made muscle roller. Place the roller on the ground and carefully move yourself back and forwards over the painful area. This acts as a very affordable massage and it is a very useful tool for fast recovery, allowing you to get back on to the mountain and enjoy the rest of the season.


So remember, muscle tension, simply roll one out.

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