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Ski Fit Over The Summer

Summer is coming…

So the season’s end is on the horizon and all of us are doing our level best to squeeze the last drops of fun from a terrific winter.   At this time of year we are all a bit weary, have a few aches and pains and perhaps even the odd scar.  However tense your legs and you’ll notice a strange apparition forming.   A network of patterns seem to materialise, mostly on your thighs and round your knees.  These believe it or not are muscles, touch them, they’re real, and as you probably recall, pretty hard earned.  What’s not quite so obvious are the muscles you can’t see, your core muscles.  Usually encased beneath a snugly layer of fat, often nurtured by beer and fondue, the core muscle group are your central powerhouse.  Spend enough time skiing and you can be fairly sure they’ll be quite well developed.   However with summer approaching and the prospect of the ski’s returning to the back wall of the garage for five or six months, how can we help retain this hard earned form so that we can hit the opening of next season running…..or sliding so to speak?

The first thing to do is keep your basic aerobic fitness up.  This is actually easier to do in the summer, for as we all know, going for a run or playing an outdoor sport is a lot less daunting sans blizzard.  Secondly, try and maintain the strength in your legs.  Hiking, particularly with some weight on your back, is a terrific way to do this.  An ascent and a descent from a hilly walk, cultivate strength in all areas of your legs.  Thirdly, and I can’t recommend this strongly enough, join a gym, particularly for the purpose of enrolling in classes.  We all know it’s hard to motivate yourself on your own, but joining a class is a great way to maintain that motivation and achieve your goals, with the added benefit of meeting new and if you’re lucky, attractive people.  I recommend some kind of core work shop and a kettle bells class.  Kettle bells are particularly good as they work the whole body, with a strong focus on the core and legs.

Enjoy your summer wherever your headed and we look forward to seeing you next season.

James Craig

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