Vincent Denaud

Snowboard instructor Vincent is known as one of the most patient and experienced snowboard coaches in town. He comes from France and he speaks English and French. Vincent has traveled a lot in his life, but has ended up living in the region of Verbier because there is something unexplainable about this resort. He loves the area and especially the off piste run ‘Rocky Garden’.


Vincent loves the fun and freedom of snowboarding and he is passionate about sharing his experience with you. When he is not on a snowboard you may find him wood carving, making beautiful house decorations.

If you would like to know a bit more about Vincent, we asked him few questions :

What has been your best ever feedback? 

You are the best instructor ever !! I love your way of teaching and the way you look at life.


How did it make you feel?

It made me feel proud, and want to keep giving the best of myself.


Why do you love teaching?

I want to share experiences with different people, to help them on something they will do for a long time after and give them that freedom.


What’s your highlight of the summer?

I’m a wood worker, I walk a lot in the mountains, rivers, to collect pieces that I will turn into something artistic. I really love being outside into the wild.


What is your top technical tip?

Look where you go and bend your knees !!


What is your favourite run in Verbier?

Rock Garden!


Why are you returning to Altitude?

We have lovely clients all the time, I have been here for several years already with Altitude and I’m still happy with the school and the team.


What is the highlight of your skiing Career?

It would be all the formations I had to go through, it made me feel proud at the end and helped me to understand more the sport that I love, snowboarding.  Plus I Love my off-piste times, since the day I discovered it.

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