Fête Nationale Suisse

Fête Nationale Suisse

The Swiss National Day is the national holiday of Switzerland, which falls on August 1. The date was inspired by the signing of the Federal Charter in early August 1291, when the three cantons Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden formed an alliance. In 1889 it was suggested that the day should be used to celebrate the foundation of the Swiss Confederacy, but only since 1994 has the day been an official national holiday.


The main difference between Swiss National Day and national holidays in other european countries is that it is a specific celebration within local communities. In Verbier the national day is traditionally celebrated with the ‘Kermesse de Verbier’, a nice crafts & bar’s market in the Rue de la Poste on July 31st and August 1st. And of course Swiss National Day will finish with a nice firework display at the Place Centrale Parking tonight!


Enjoy the Swiss National Day today!

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