What a surprise we have had in Verbier over the last few days, deep powder snow early in October! When we looked at the forecast it was predicted that the Northern and the Southern Alps would expect at least 50-100cm of fresh snow. However in Verbier, no forecasts predicted more than about 15-20cm of snow and nobody was expecting to get their skis out!

However the 5 cm that fell on Thursday and the 9 cm on Friday had formed a base for a huge dump of snow last night! There was a definite buzz in the air last night as the possibility of an early morning ski was looking more like reality! About 25cm fell in total during the night.

Due to the fact the downhill biking season is still on and being the weekend, the cable car Verbier-Ruinettes is still running every day. So when we arrived there for the first lift up at 9am, and after a high-5 from the lift man, we headed up the mountain.

The rest of the morning was a blur of excitement and lovely light fresh powder! Maybe even the best first ski of the season ever! We managed to get the first tracks of all the people in Verbier and well deserved!

photo7 photo6 photo5 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA