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Sandy Miller

Ski instructor Sandy is a professional and enthusiastic ski coach. He comes from Grimsby in England and speaks English, a bit of Swedish and is trying to learn French. Sandy has been working for Altitude since 2008 and before that he worked for seven seasons in different resorts around Europe and New Zealand.


Sandy is a passionate skier who enjoys passing on the love of the sport to his clients. He says it’s an honor to share in people’s amazing experiences in the mountains. Sandy teaches all kinds of skiing levels to both children and adults. He is also an Altitude Futures ski coach where he is the mentor of one of the ski instructor Gap course groups.

If you would like to know a bit more about Sandy, we asked him few questions :

What has been your best ever feedback? 

Though it is not verbal I think that the best feedback is whenever a client comes back to ski with you again as it is a big investment, and it shows that they trust you, and also that they appreciate what you achieved together previously.


How did it make you feel?

When somebody shows that faith and trust in you it is both humbling and motivating.


Why do you love teaching?

Firstly it is great to be working with lots of very diverse and interesting people, as it keeps the job interesting.  Secondly I love the challenge of trying to work out how I can help different people, as the same explanation or task will not always have the same results with everybody and so there is an element of problem solving that I enjoy.


What’s your highlight of the summer?

Lots of time with family, and running Sierre Zinal was a lot of fun as well.


What is your top technical tip?

Keep having lessons, even if it is just a few every winter.  I think that for most people the better they get, and the more that they can do, the more they enjoy skiing.


What is your favourite run in Verbier?

It all depends upon what you are looking to do, and what the conditions are like.


Why are you returning to Altitude?

Altitude is a really good ski school, with a great team of long term instructors working for them.


What is the highlight of your skiing Career?

I met my wife through skiing, so that would have to come top.

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