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Anthony Whitfield

Ski Instructor Anthony is a friendly, passionate and super patient teacher. He comes from London, England and speaks English and conversational French. He is always looking to develop his own performance and use his knowledge and experience to help his students develop and learn too. He is passionate about bumps, freestyle and freeride and loves to share the stoke amongst his students and peers.

Anthony has spent a lot of time honing his skills, racking up over three hundred days some years by completing back to back seasons in Wanaka, New Zealand and Verbier, Switzerland. He loves nothing more than seeing others progressing and having fun at the same time!

If you would like to know a bit more about Anthony, we asked him few questions :

What has been your best ever feedback?

Last season I worked with a young student in the mornings, at lunchtime I dropped him off with his father so they could ski together in the afternoons. Each morning I was met with pure glee and jubilation from the father as he dropped his son off saying how much fun he had skiing with him the previous afternoon, his surprise at how confident his son had become and the huge improvements he had made after each session with me. His son was quite nonchalant about it all, but his father’s excitement each morning said it all.


How did it make you feel?

It made me feel like I was doing a great job. I was so happy that my enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of skiing was making a lasting impression on him and that he was able to show off his new skills to his dad.


Why do you love teaching?

Being able to share my passion for skiing whilst also developing individual performance is a huge privilege. I am lucky enough to be in a position to influence how people interact with the mountain, help them to realize their potential and watch with pride as they fall in love with skiing. What’s not to love?


What’s your highlight of the summer?

The highlight of the summer for me was the moment that one of the international students I was mentoring, who initially really struggled to settle in to the summer school, declared it was the best time of his life!


What is your top technical tip?

It really depends on what stage of development the skier is at. We all have strengths and weaknesses, different bodies and ways of thinking about problems, so my top technical tip would be tailored from skier to skier. However, staying relaxed, having fun and keeping on smiling will help all aspects of your ski performance.


What is your favourite run in Verbier?

There are so many incredible runs in Verbier and the surrounding mountains, that it’s really hard to pin down one specific all time favourite. However, when the snow has fallen and the sun finally bursts through the clouds you’ll find me at the top of Col de Creblet about to start a huge descent with a beautiful view of Verbier the whole way.


Why are you returning to Altitude?

The atmosphere around the school and amongst staff is very positive and nurturing. Everyone is passionate about mountains, skiing and snow and stoked to be there.


What is the highlight of your skiing Career?

I was standing at the top of the Boss des Bosses course, one of Europe’s biggest inter-resort mogul skiing competition about to ski in my final race. I looked to my left to size up the opponent I’d be racing against when I realized it was Ben Cavet, who’d finished 2nd overall in World Cup Moguls. I lost that race but losing to him is the highlight of my skiing career so far because it served as a reminder of how far I’ve come and that there is always much more to learn.

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