Welcome to Roxy Bombomb! She will soon be arriving in Verbier and plans to be working alongside our Altitude Director Jon as his PA (Productivity Assistant).

We did have slight concerns that she will be a major distraction in the ski school office, however research has suggested that having a dog around has a soothing and mood-lifting effect on people and when people are happy and calm, they are more productive. Apparently cuddling a dog can be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation. So, both the speed at which you work and your overall performance is enhanced because dogs lead to increased relaxation and a reduction of stress.

However if you don’t have a Dog in the office you can always try these techniques to simulate the effects of owning a dog:

1. Look at pictures of baby animals
Simply looking at pictures of baby animals can improve your productivity. (we will keep updating you with pictures on Roxy)

2. Take breaks outside
Having a dog that requires regular walks forces you to take breaks and get outside. A growing body of research says that you’re more productive if you take regular breaks during your workday.

3. Pet other people’s animals
We know that petting dogs produces oxytocin, the feel-good hormone that makes you happy.

Roxy the Dog - Altitude Verbier Roxy Altitude Verbier