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Snow report week of the 13/2/17

Snow report week of the 13/2/17

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Not a great deal to report in terms of new snow as we move swiftly into the busy Half Term period but the weather is gorgeous and looks set to stay that way for the next few days.  

Before I give further details on the weather and snow conditions in resort, I feel it necessary to mention the sobering news from the recent avalanche in Tignes, France. Our thoughts are with those affected by this devastating event. It should act as a reminder that we must always take precautions when venturing off piste, not only for our own sake but in this case, because of the effect it may have on someone else further down the slope.


Latest Avalanche Risk


With that in mind, the avalanche risk has remained at considerable despite last weeks’ report suggesting it may be lowered to moderate. This is due to weak layers in the old snow pack which can be released on certain slopes by skiers and snowboarders. Furthermore, last weeks large deposits of snow along with the combining effect of strong winds pushed the snow into mounds referred to as, snow drifts. These can be released as avalanches in isolated cases.


The specific advice this week, is to take precautions in west to north to east facing aspects above 2000m. Once again, for reference to Verbier, this is around the Ruinette lift area and above. Early observations, suggest the avalanche risk will diminish as the week progresses but be sure to check the notice board regularly for updates. As ever take care going off piste and remember the necessary equipment to safely enjoy the powder.




No new snow predicted for the coming week. However, I can personally assure you the snow on piste is firm and grippy with a good covering across large parts of the four valleys area.  My advice, ski until your heart’s content and bask in this glorious weather we have been blessed with.


Written and Researched by Killian O’Brien

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