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With so many new ski and snowboard schools around nowadays, as a client choosing your school can be very difficult. Every ski school likes to think they are the best school in Verbier and can offer the client the best experience for their holiday, or winter season in Verbier.

We like to think it’s quite simple – provide clients with the best possible experience from booking their lesson, right until they come down off the mountain after an awesome lesson or day guiding on the slopes. But to guarantee that we deliver that to every client takes a lot of work.

We try and offer products for everyone; from group lessons, to private instruction, performance coaching right up to off-piste coaching and guiding. We take clients of any age and accept children into our groups from 3+ years. Every single product has been tweaked over the last 18 years according to client feedback so we can make sure we deliver the best possible experience every time, right from small groups for our youngest skiers (3-5 years) to the ability to extend your lessons while you are still on the slopes with your instructor.

Our office team is the first thing that sets us apart; our dedicated staff work every day of the winter, and we also have a year-round office team based in Verbier so you can contact us whenever you are arranging your ski holiday. Whether you want to chat about your various options and work out what is best for you, or you’re ready to book straight away, we can make that process as seamless as possible for you.

After you’ve booked your lesson, whether you have a good, a great or an amazing lesson depends on your instructor. We know that it is the instructors that make or break this experience, so we only employ instructors who we know can deliver this each and every time, and we match clients to the best instructor for their ability and requirements.

Altitude is a training school as well as an instructing school which gives us access to a large pool of talented instructors. Our dedicated trainers have produced some outstanding instructors over the years who have gone onto very popular instructors in Verbier or further afield, others have even gone onto become BASI trainers – training and grading new instructors all over the world. We offer courses for those just starting out on their instructing journey, to those striving to achieve their top level. Many of our instructors have trained with us from the get go, joined ISIA or level 4 training, or been with us for many years. Knowing our instructors and helping them develop in their own careers is incredibly important to us, not only for their professional development, but on our knowledge of them as instructors. Knowing their strengths can mean that we can select the best instructor for every client; we know who is great with energetic kids, nervous first time adults, families wanting to ski together – we’ve got it all!

Many clients will request to ski with the same instructor each year, which is great for building a rapport with that instructor. When they know how you ski, what you need to work on, where you feel comfortable or pushing and encouraging, it can mean you can get more out of every time you ski. Having such a high number of our instructors return every winter means that they will probably still be available to ski with next time you’re in Verbier!

We are also proud of our customer service and flexibility; without our customers we wouldn’t be much use (!) so we want to make sure you’re as happy as possible. If anything does go unexpectedly wrong with your lesson we will work with you to make sure we get it fixed as fast as possible, and we’re always on the end of the phone or in our office in Verbier to sort out any problems.

Over the past 18 seasons we have gained valuable experience and believe we truly understand what is important to every client and how to make sure that our school provides you with this.

If you have any further questions regarding our schools please contact our manager – jon.west@altitude-verbier.com –

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