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Kids clothing tips

[left2][/left2]Europe has been experiencing a very cold season this year with temperatures going as low as -18 degrees C in resort and you often experience these sorts of temperatures when skiing in North America. It is hugely important to make sure your kids stay warm both for safety and enjoyment  reasons. Children loose heat quicker than adults and their energy levels will suddenly drop. If they go from being lively to quite, more withdrawn, struggling down a piste you expect them to be fine on or they keep falling over on easy runs, check on how warm they are and go for a break.






Here are some tips for keeping them (and you) warm.

Small Kids (3-5 year olds) – often they won’t tell you they are getting cold until they are very cold. Keep checking to see how warm their hands are.

Layering – Several layers of thinner clothing are better than one thick one as it is easier to adjust for temperature changes throughout the day. Don’t wear cotton as once it is damp it losses a lot of its thermal properties.

Ski Boots – Make sure they are properly dried out every evening, ideally use boot dryers over night, alternatively take the inner boots out and place them on a radiator (make sure you put them back in the right boot) or use a hair dryer.

Mittens – are warmer than gloves and inner thermal gloves can be used for more warmth.  Again make sure they are dried out properly overnight. You can get ones that have a pocket that you can fit a hand warmer in. Hand dryers in the toilets up the mountain are useful for warming mitts up.

Frost Nip – regularly check for frost nip, small white patches on exposed skin usually on the nose, cheeks or ears. Skiing fast increases the chance of it happening due to windchill, ski lots of short turns to reduce the speed and to keep everyone warm. A neck warmer/face mask helps to prevent it but keep checking underneath this to be sure. Make sure some one checks you as well. If you see it get inside and warm up immediately as the next stage is frost-bite, which will need medical attention.

Stay Warm And Stay Safe!

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