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Get More From Your Ski Holiday

We’ve all done it, first day of the holiday, straight to the top of the mountain, obviously no warm up because let’s face it who can be bothered? Then after an entire day’s skiing we head home, feeling on top of the world and rather impressed with ourselves that we’re as fit as ever. Then the following morning, convinced that we’ve been tortured in our sleep, we limp to the breakfast table in rueful agony, often to the amusement of our friends and family. However the sad fact is that very often one if not two days of a precious holiday are wasted due to severe muscle fatigue and pain, not to mention the sinister possibility of injury.

It is something that can be for the most part prevented before you even leave home. Here are a couple of tips that can help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest and prevent injury.

1. The simplest way to prepare your muscles for skiing is brisk walking up and down a hill. As little as 20 minutes walking up then back down slope for a week before you leave home will help prepare your thigh muscles for the rigors of skiing.


2. A standing squat exercise is what’s called a ‘compound’ exercise, this means it incorporatesmultiple muscle groups, and it is an ideal exercise for skiing. Stand with your legs shoulde width apart, hold your hands out in front of you and ‘squat’ down, make sure your lap doesn’t go quite as far as ‘flat’. Repeat until you feel a ‘burn’ then stop. Have a rest and
then continue the process for another two sets. Doing this every day for perhaps a week prior to your holiday will be of great benefit.

Stay posted for more fitness tips and wherever you’re coming from, have a safe trip and we look forward to seeing you soon.

James Craig

Personal Trainer/Ski Instructor – Altitude ski school

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