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Fitness Tips for Ski Touring

So the busy half term period is drawing to a close and the season for skinning up is well and truly on. By this of course, I refer to the wholesome activity of ski touring. Verbier offers almost unparalleled access to some truly world class touring country.

While fun and adventurous, it’s also very physically demanding, and many capable and fit skiers struggle with the rigours of this kind of skiing. The reason being is that a wider variety of muscle groups are engaged compared to Alpine skiing. To put it simply, walking up a hill before you ski down it, is more tiring than getting a lift up to do the same.


Here are some tips to make life a little easier:

  • After a day’s touring, you may feel the strain in your hamstrings and your hip flexors, (the muscles at the base of your pelvis). A good preparation for touring is to quite simply simulate the activity by walking up and down steep hills.
  • Before setting off on a tour, incorporate some hamstring stretches into your warm up routine, a good one is to lie on your back, link your fingers behind your leg just below the knee and push your heel towards the ceiling, when you feel the strain, hold for fifteen seconds, swap legs, then repeat three times on each leg, progressively stretching further each time.
  • To warm up your hip flexors, lie on your back and with straight legs, perform some short scissor kicks as if you’re walking.
  • Another thing to remember when touring is to regularly hydrate and pack plenty of snacks, a fruit and nut mix is perfect as it has a good blend of quick and slow release energy.


Stay safe and happy touring.

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