Children’s ski equipment

Children’s ski equipment

Good preparation for a ski lesson is essential for a child’s first ski experience. Using the right equipment is very important to avoid becoming too warm or too cold, to be able to successfully develop a good skiing technique and to play in a safe environment.



Warm clothing is essential for children, keep in mind they get colder more quickly than adults. Wearing several layers is much better than one thick one and try to use thermals. Some parents choose the all-in-one ski outfits, which are very good at keeping the snow out.

TIP – Avoid slow drying clothing, like cotton, as once it gets wet it gets cold.



The skis should be appropriate to the size and the ability of your child. Please match the ski to the skill level of the child from beginner through to advanced junior racers. As a rough guide, for children aged between 3 to 5 years old the ski should come up to their chin when held vertically, for older children up to their nose. Kid’s skis are available for both boys and girls with graphics and cool features.

TIP –It is worth putting stickers with your child’s name onto the skis so they don’t get mixed up in the morning or at lunch



A good fit is essential, snug on the foot and with no pressure points

TIP – It can be difficult to tell with very young children if the boot is comfortable, check after the first day for any rub marks from the boots and if in doubt go back to the shop and change.



Wearing a helmet is compulsory for all ski lessons and a must-have for all children. Reputable ski schools will not accept children without helmets.


Extra kit

children ski kitSocks – these should be long, fit well and quick drying.

Goggles – protection from the sun is essential for children. Even on a cloudy day the sun can still be damaging to eyes.

Gloves – waterproof not too tight and preferably on a string so they don’t get lost.

Body armor – for advanced skiers and anyone hitting the park.

TIP – It is always good to give your child a small bag of sweets (e.g. gummy bears)

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