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When are children ready to learn to ski?

When are children ready to learn to ski?

The majority of parents think that children can start skiing when they turn 4 years old, however there is no definitive answer to what age a child can begin to learn to ski. As in any kind of life development, children grow and develop very differently.


1. How do I know if my child is ready to ski?

Never push a child to learn to ski. Every parent wants to see their child learning to ski but don’t force them! It is always smart to start by introducing small plastic ski’s just after a sledge run on the flat part of the nursery slope. If your child is motivated to ski you can then progress by booking a private lesson or Polar Bear group lesson.


2. Is there any minimum age for children to start skiing?

At Altitude Ski School we have a ‘2,5 years old’ policy. More than 60% of children are too young to start skiing at 2,5 years old, but of course we welcome the other 40% to try it as a first experience.


3. Should I book private or group lesson?

There is no correct answe to this- private lessons are 1 to 1 and guarantee better personal development. Group lessons are more social for children and also make sure children can learn from each other. If you are not sure which to book, then give us a call and the front office staff will advise you.


4. Ok, I booked my child’s first lesson. What to do now?

Make sure you have got the right equipment for your child. Rent a pair of ski’s, boots and helmet at the local ski rental and make sure you have arranged warm clothing. Always think about the following: base layers, sweater, jacket, trousers, gloves, skisocks, suncream, scarf and pocket money for a hot chocolate. If you are not sure, the ski school can advise on this.


5. Where will my child ski during their first lesson?

Altitude Ski School has a private kids garden at Les Esserts. Here the children can learn to ski in a fun, specialized environment with obstacles. When your child is ready to go on the magic carpet, the instructor will take him/her there for a first run and some of the children may even manage to have a first experience on the button lift.


6. My child keeps on crying at the start of the lesson, should I stay on the side of the nursery slope?

Ski instructors are professionals and know what to do when dealing with nervous and distressed children, so we would like to advise you to leave the child in their experienced hands. On the nursery slope you can watch from distance, but make sure you are not visible to the child. If the ski instructor thinks your child is not yet ready to ski, they will advise you to wait a little bit longer.


7. Is there any prize giving at the end of the week?

Altitude Ski School organizes a special prize giving at the end of each week on Friday afternoon. Every Polar Bear child receives a certificate and badge. There is also a raffle where you can win prizes such as sweetbags, t-shirts, free ski lessons, etc.

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